The third assignment in Blogging University’s Blogging 101 – September 2014 workshop was titled Say “Hi!” to the Neighbors.  Participants were encouraged to discover and follow five new to them blogs here on’s corner of the blogosphere.

I posted my results and findings here.  This exercise was fun.  Reading the posts of my fellow bloggers, and making some new blogging friends helped to build a sense of community.  Since I posted my response to the assignment I’ve been thinking that WordPress should find more ways to encourage this sense of community on a consistent basis.  I thought about whether there was a way I could use my blog to call out other bloggers that I had discovered and enjoyed.

One of my newest blogging friends Grasshopper Girls posted her response to the exercise today and it hit me.  #FF! Follow Friday! Borrow the popular twitter trend #FollowFriday and adapt it to WordPress.


From now on, every Friday I am going to feature a #FollowFriday post on my blog.  My goal will be to feature three blogs I enjoy.  On Twitter, where there are no rules regarding #FF tweets just common practices.  It is common practice on twitter to either favorite or retweet or both a #FF tweet when you are mentioned.  I think that the same common practice would work here on WordPress.  So  if I am mentioned in a #FF post I will either like or reblog or both  the #FF post.   Grasshopper Girls is going to run a similar feature on her blog.  Together we may start a WordPress trend; so feel free to join us.

My inaugural #FF blog shout out goes to Molly B and Me

Molly B and Me, coauthored by a mom and her teenage daughter, was one of the first bloggers to like something I wrote and the first blog I followed.  We both love sports, although she roots for all the wrong teams: Black Hawks not the Bruins, Packers not the Patriots.  I forgive her sports faux pas as she supports storied franchises in solid sports towns.

One of the first posts I read on Molly B and Me  dealt with our shared affliction procrastination with such humor and creativity that I can’t help but idolize Laura and her entire family for embracing and celebrating their procrastination instead of fighting it.

We also both blog about family.  Although she actually had children and I just borrow other people’s children (mainly those of my sisters) from time to time.  Her delightful daughter Molly B writes about cooking and her life as a teenager.

Check out this mother and daughter team, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

I know that was only one #FF blog shout out but there are no rules and I need more time to write about the two other blogs I had picked out for today.

Until next Friday.




8 thoughts on “FollowFriday

  1. I couldn’t sleep and happened to check out Blogging 101 (I forgot I had signed up for it but let’s use our inside voice when I tell you that). I came across your site just now. I just love your idea!! AND writing….now I’m glad for my little moment of insomnia. I think I’ll go check out this Packer friend of yours too–us Packers friends have to stick together you see. 🙂

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  2. Fantastic idea. I enjoy sharing my blogging finds with my followers and do so in random comments or an occassional post or of course in award nominations (which was actually what I was working on. I went to someone’s page to nominate them and saw a comment you’d left them and thought, I’ve got to go check that blog out. And so here I am. #FF is a great idea. I am going to add it to my nomination post (I guess that means you’ve just been nominated for the Liebster award… though it hasn’t gone to print yet so keep that hush hush for now!) LOL.

    ☀ Memee

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