Friday again?  The week truly flew by.

E.P. Matthews a white splat in a multi-splattered world

First up in my blog shouts for the week is E.P. Matthews a white splat in a multi-splattered world.  I discovered E.P. in my reader under Racism in America.  She writes from the perspective of  “the white, middle aged, suburban mom in the mirror.”

Her post Picking a Caucasian Baseball Cap was witty and entertaining while at the same time thought provoking. It made me think back to travelling to Cairo as part of a college group nearly 25 years ago and choosing to present myself as the understanding American by observing Ramadan with the locals.  It wasn’t a choice everyone in my group made, but I think those of us who did observe enjoyed a richer experience for it.

With only a few posts on her site, I am left yearning for more.

Adoption =

Casey Alexander, the author of Adoption =, and I discovered each other in The Commons for Writing 101 and Blogging 101.  She asked a formatting question, I actually knew the answer to (how to set up archive pages) and then Casey discovered we both have a connection to Trinidad.  She writes about her Trini connection here and I reference a former Trini boyfriend in one of my posts.  Her description of her visit to Trinidad and the food left me craving Trini food.  When I commented that I didn’t know how to cook Trini food (always ate the ex’s mother’s food or went to local restaurants in my old neighborhood), Casey immediately shared instructions for making curry potatoes with me.   When I finally get around to cooking curry potatoes, I will definitely post about it under Saturday Suppers on my blog.

The tagline for Adoption = pretty much sums up what the blog is about:  Let’s be honest. Adoption isn’t easy, pretty, or fun. Except when it is.  Casey writes about her family’s experiences through the adoption process and raising two adopted children.  Although this is an experience Casey and I do not share, her sense of humor in telling her story for the benefit of other adoptive and potential adoptive parents keeps me coming back for more.

Mellow and the Wilding

Mellow and the Wilding is written by Melinda, a part-time attorney, part-time stay at home Mom.  Her blog features entertaining stories about her two daughters Mellow and Wilding.  In the first assignment for Blogging 101, Melinda introduces her readers to her blog.  All names are changed to protect the innocent and at times not so innocent.  Her daughters are appropriately nicknamed as you will discover by reading her blog.  Read today’s post to find out more about Wilding on her fourth birthday as Melinda reflects back on Wilding’s birth.

Hope you check out the blogs I mentioned in today’s #FF post.  I’m heading over to Grasshopper Girls who is joining me in writing #FollowFriday posts to see which blogs she discovered this week.

Until next Friday.

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