#FF – photography version

My adventures this week in the blogosphere brought me on a visit to that country to my north, Canada. More specifically Toronto, where I found The Adventures of An Urban Flower Girl and Parkdale Nature Geek, Trish Cassling.

Her photos captivated my attention and as I continued through her site her stories entertained me.  I particularly enjoyed The Bear, a tale of her visit to the Thornton Creek Hatchery.  As she states in her About Me page, she writes about things that matter to her: music, health, flowers, nature and photography and an occasional review.

It is easy to get lost in the pages of her blog as picture after picture jump off the page inviting you to look further.  Whether you peruse the pictures on her photography page or dig deeper into her posts, you are certain to find something you will appreciate.

Some of my favorite images from her site are shown below:

Take a moment and visit The Adventures of An Urban Flower Girl.  In addition to following here on WordPress you can follow her on Instagram or Twitter.

Until next Friday.

One thought on “#FF – photography version

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