Follow Friday – join me at the table

With less than two hours officially left in my Friday, I sat on my couch curled up with WordPress reader on my laptop to start this week’s #FollowFriday post.  Cutting it close indeed.

I could blame it on the long weekend spent with four of my nieces ages 7 – 13 invading the territory I call home for a coveted cousins’ weekend.  I could blame it on the job searching, resume and cover letter writing I did this week.  I could blame it on the two visits from my sister, who hasn’t visited me in forever.  I could blame it on the political campaign work I did this afternoon full-well knowing I had a deadline of my own to meet.  But really, I could and should blame it on using the time I had set aside last night for writing my #FF post on designing image widgets until four o’clock am.  I knew that act alone was going to set my Friday off kilter.

So with an hour left before my Friday ends, I decided I would only highlight one blog this week in my #FF post.  I found this week’s blog thanks to The Reluctant Baptist’s post accepting my One Lovely Blog Award Nomination.  In her post she nominates At my table, a blog focusing on “meals, moments, marcella.”

Reading At my table’s about page I am drawn in by her mention that she is currently attempting to cook all 446 recipes in Marcella Hazan’s ‘The Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking.’  I like her honesty about attempt being read in italics and I think of Julia Powell’s wildly successful ‘Julie and Julia: My Year of Cooking Dangerously.’

I will return time and time again to read of her attempts and progress in cooking all 446 recipes; she is currently on recipe #69. And, to check on the progress of her children’s story Life in the Jungle. 

Swing by and spend some time At my table.  Hopefully you will enjoy a post about one of her moments in addition to the food and fiction she serves up at her table.

Until next Friday.



2 thoughts on “Follow Friday – join me at the table

  1. I feel very honoured to appear on your Follow Friday post! What a treat to wake up to this morning! Your words are a great encouragement to keep cooking, writing and writing about Gordon the Complicated Giraffe! It can get a bit quiet out there in blog-land.

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