Saturday Suppers – the non-culinary edition

When I started Saturday Suppers, I said “I am going to start out slow and post two Saturdays per month about my adventures in the kitchen – both cooking and baking.”

Every kitchen needs to be organized to suit the person using it.  In our home, there are two cooks, my other half who to his credit does do nearly all the cooking and me who does very little cooking but nearly all the baking.  Our kitchen is organized to suit his needs.  I get it; he does the day-to-day cooking and I do not.

I yearn for a kitchen of my own.  Actually if we ever remodel the kitchen, I would open up the wall between the kitchen and dining room and build a cooking island with his cabinets and pots and pans and utensils on one side and mine on the other.

Since that remodel is not in the immediate future, I decided one thing I could do is make use of an empty space in the hallway adjacent to the kitchen.  My plan was to move my baker’s rack there and set up a new microwave cart in the kitchen where the baker’s rack resides.  The shelving is about six inches wider than the baker’s rack.  Note to self measure with an actual tape measure next time and don’t eyeball it from memory.  Time to implement Plan B, which in my defense I knew would work when I was contemplating my purchase.  The wire shelving will take up residence in the hallway corner and the baker’s rack stays next to the stove.

Unassembled shelving.

I purchased the wire shelving (see the picture of the microwave cart on the box) and casters at my local Target.  For weeks they sat in the hallway corner waiting for dear one to assemble them.  Since he wanted no part of this project, I finally decided to tackle this DIY project without him when he and his watchful eye were going to be away from me and the house.

I am less comfortable as a handyman than I am as a cook.  But more often than not, I surprise myself with my results.  I may not approach my DIY project with confidence or the ability to visualize the end game, but in the end I am satisfied and even pleased.  I am also aware that it takes me much longer than it might take my other half or someone else who is more adept at DIY projects.  And, I am okay with that.

This project I thought would take someone an hour, I gave myself an afternoon and that is what it took me.  It probably would have taken me two hours if I hadn’t been taking pictures of my progress, answering emails and text messages, taking calls, and working on another post for my blog while assembling the shelves.

I didn’t break any fingernails or injure myself in any way while assembling this DIY project.  In full disclosure, I did almost break the window behind me and bop myself on my head when picking up the first pole aka “supporting post with threaded end and adjustable foot shelf.”  To quote Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, “Oops … slippery little suckers.”  Thankfully it did not slip completely out of my hand and break the window or I would have had some explaining to do when dear one came home.

Below are the pictures I took as I worked my way through assembling the shelves.

Shelves lined up in waiting on dining room floor.
Ready to attack this – directions and small parts in order.
How do I put these on? Oh this side up.
Needed an extra set of hands, Back of couch will do.
Steady on our feet next to the lovely pink recycling bin.
Should’ve read the directions; need 6 inches to work only have 3.5 inches.
Time to put the casters on, worked with 3.5 inches.
Casters are ready to rock and roll.
Looking solid. Two more shelves to go.
No tools required? I used the rubber end of hammer to tap shelves in securely and make everything flush.
Voila, my finished product. Verdict, I would purchase and assemble again myself.

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