#FollowFriday – the chordoma episode

chordomapaul as seen on My Chordoma Journey

On the first day of Blogging 201, I met chordomapaul over at MYCHORDOMAJOURNEY when he commented on my first post in the Commons.  After about 30 minutes of reading his blog and commenting to each other, I knew I had found this week’s #FollowFriday feature.

Paul was recently diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer called chordoma so in addition to facing this disease head on, he has decided to start a blog to share his journey and progress as he battles this disease at home in Vancouver, Canada (well really a 5-hour drive from his home) and in Seattle, WA with friends and family, take a Blogging class through Blogging University, and share his journey with all of us.  Slacker!  He seems to be a bit of an underachiever.

Paul’s positive attitude and sense of community is infectious both on his blog and in the Writing Commons. He had me at hello.

To understand more about why Paul is blogging visit his About Page.  There is a mix of medical information and personal experience in his blog.  I applaud his bravery not only for facing his cancer with a can do attitude but for wanting to share this journey with all of us.

I look forward to getting to know Paul and his family while he educates us on chordoma and his battle with it. And, I definitely look forward to the day when Paul posts an entry on MYCHORDOMAJOURNEY announcing he has kicked chordoma in the butt, hopefully complete with the requisite picture asking for 1,000,000 reblogs.  I, for one, will gladly reblog that post.


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