The girls’ guide to gratitude (A guest post by my sister Kathy)

On this last day of October and Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a survivor shares her gratitude. I’ve been cheering and praying for Kathy as Molly B and Me (Kathy’s niece and sister) relayed her story of fighting and surviving cancer. Read the original posts to learn more about Kathy’s journey and her incredible supportive team of family and friends.


Editors note: We’ve written about my sister Kathy, a breast cancer survivor and all around impressive woman, more than a dozen times on this blog. Today, she’s writing a post of her own…

As Breast Cancer Awareness month ends, I realize that my own cancer story began at an October Packer game when, after the players were introduced in their pink shoes, socks and towels, my then-boyfriend Keith nudged me and asked when I was going to schedule my first mammogram.  Six months after our wedding, I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer and we started an intense journey that included a double mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation.  We didn’t do this alone.  It’s been 22 months since my diagnosis and some of these thank yous are long overdue.

Thank you to…

Keith – for holding my hand and making me smile, for managing my drains and organizing my pills…

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