#FollowFriday: photography edition

This week’s #FollowFriday: photography edition finds me visiting with Amy over at f-stopmama.  Amy, a Midwesterner living in Indianapolis, describes herself as “a former lab rat turned professional photographer, mother, avid hiker, bicyclist, nature lover, environmentalist, and a lover of this thing called life.”

Amy as her tagline promises offers “Glimpses into our world through my Nikon.”  She not only documents the world around her but also her world as her readers get to follow her journey from lab rat to professional photographer.

As I moved around her site, I randomly clicked on tags: wine, family and photography reading random posts such as Canada on my mind, Yosemite for beginners and Photo of the day – Landscape of Yosemite).  Although her posts are entertaining and in some cases informative as she provides travel tips for places she visits, the real draw is the incredible beauty of her photographs.  I’ve included some of my favorite photos from f-stopmama below:

Visit f-stopmama when you have time to peruse her offerings and check out the website for Amy’s business Pantone Photography or like her on Facebook.

This week’s social media finds are:


  1. KStreet607 – @NubianBlogger
  2. RachelKnutson – @rknutson1104
  3. Katherine Carpita – @katcarpita
  4. the b bar – @shopthebbar

Until next Friday.


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