#FollowFriday – Finding Grace

I happened upon this week’s #FollowFriday blog as I was surfing my WordPress reader.  Grace and Space chronicles one woman’s journey through life looking for and appreciating grace where it finds her.  As her tagline reads ” Looking for grace notes in life’s journey…”

Her blog title stems from an epiphany Shelia, the writer over at Grace and Space describes on her about page.  She had an ah-ha moment when she realized  that what her then 21 year old son needed most from her was grace and space.

Sheila is at a crossroads of sorts in her life as she transitions from her former life to her future life and is able to find grace in her life’s circumstances and appreciate it.  This is apparent in her post Thanksgiving Grace.

I definitely can relate to her post  Hard Days as I have yet to find my Christmas spirit this year – too busy trying to find my next job to muster up the Christmas spirit just yet.

I’ve only spent about an hour poking around the pages and posts of Grace and Space, but I’m definitely looking forward to reading more of Shelia’s journey filled with grace and gratitude.  As I read her words, I am reminded of the sentiment of being grateful for what it is because it could be a whole lot worse.

This week’s social media finds are:


  1. Science Alcove – @TeresaCoppens
  2. Timothy Siburg – @TimothySiburg
  3. Sheila Gibson – @SheilaLGibson


  1. Science Alcove
  2. Sheila Gibson

Until next Friday.

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