#FF – Poetry Edition

I was about to reblog one of my first #FollowFriday posts.  I am sitting in Starbucks, thinking about doing some Christmas shopping and the fact that I am going home to a working bathroom for the first time since the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.  #LongestSmallBathroomRemodelProjectEver

I am feeling a bit pressured.  I am not doing much shopping; unemployment will do that to you.   I am, however, hosting 20 family members at my house Christmas Eve and although the bathroom is working the project is not done and my house is covered in a thick layer of construction dust.  And, I have a job interview Monday, which is good news except that I need to get to a hairdresser tomorrow and clean my house so I can start baking and cooking for Christmas Eve.

Sitting in Starbucks because the library is closed and I of all horrors disconnected wi-fi at home; unemployment will do that to you.  And, I am really thinking I should either not post a #FF post or reblog an older post when I read my notifications in my reader.  It states: Shelia Sea liked your post and you should see what they are up to.  I allot myself thirty minutes to check out Shelia’s blog and see if want to and am able to write a #FF post featuring her blog.

I read periods, molasses and then mustard yellow.  Perfect Shelia Sea is a poet.  Although I could read and re-read and contemplate her poetry for hours, I do not have to.  And since, I do not have the time to her blog Shelia Sea Poetry is the perfect blog for me to happen across tonight.  I am drawn in by the rhythm of her poems, the succinctness of her words.  I envy her brevity for as a writer I struggle with the length of my work; seldom finding my words to be succinct.

I look forward to seeing more of her poetry appear in my reader and long to have the time to sit and enjoy her words over a cup of slowly sipped tea.

Until Next Friday.

5 thoughts on “#FF – Poetry Edition

  1. What a lovely compliment on a Friday night. Thank you for taking the time to read and write about my work. You’re very gracious. I’ve personally been obsessing over ryrhym for months.. in all aspects of communication. I’m quite satisfied that someone has felt come it through in my writing. And I have to say, based on what I’ve read you’re very succuint as well. I’m looking forward to reading more of your work.

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