#FollowFriday – A Look Back at 2014

In September, I started a weekly feature on my blog based on the Twitter trend of #FF.  Each Friday, I highlight 1 – 3 blogs that I like and publish a #FollowFriday post about them.  Looking back, I see that most weeks I only manage to highlight one blog.  As a result, in 15 weeks with two weeks off for bad behavior I featured sixteen WordPress blogs in my #FF posts.  The sixteen blogs I featured in 2014 are:

Molly B and Me

E.P. Matthews a white splat in a multi-splattered world

Adoption =

Mellow and the Wilding

Fill Your Own Glass

Zest and Herbs


The Adventures of An Urban Flower Girl

At my table


My Life in Words

Rebirth of Lisa


Grace and Space

Shelia Sea Poetry

Kindness Blog

Each one of these blogs is worth another visit.  If you want to read what I originally wrote about then check here on my blog for the original #FF posts.

My intent in writing a 2014 year in review post on my #FF feature was to highlight my top ten blogs for 2014.  Since, I only featured sixteen blogs in 2014; a top ten seems a bit excessive.  Although it was extremely difficult to choose just five, below are my top five #FF blogs for 2014.

1.     Molly B and Me

I just love, love, love this blog written by a mom and her teenage daughter.  This in what I had to say in September when I featured their blog in my inaugural #FF post.

The Biskupics are the type of people I wish were my neighbors.  Honestly they are such a fun-loving family, in a totally non-creepy, non-stalker way I wish I was one of them.  How fun would that be?  Everyone dressed in their Packers or Black Hawks gear, me in my Sons of Belichick hoodie or Bruins Black and Gold.  Never mind.

Check out one of their latest posts.

2.     Fill Your Own Glass

Karen over at Fill Your Own Glass is a reformed pessimist with a refreshing outlook on life.  Read what I wrote about Karen’s unique blend of realism and optimism that permeates her blog and the post that drew me in Baby Girl…You Look Fine.

Karen, a law enforcement wife, has recently written several posts that depict life from one side of the blue line.  Take a look at two of her latest posts:

Her perspective as a law enforcement insider is an important one.  Oftentimes, we collectively forget the person behind the uniforms when as a nation we are in shock over seemingly endless senseless acts of violence.  Karen does a great job at reminding us that first responders are simply people like the rest of humanity.

3.     dreamdiscoveritalia

Lizzie from dreamdiscoveritalia blogs about her life as an expat living in Italy.  I especially enjoy her Italian language and cultural lessons in her Italian 101 series.  Read my initial impressions of her blog here.

After reading some of her recent posts I’ve been walking around wishing people Buon Natale e felice anno nuovo.  Just once in my life, I would like to spend Christmas in Italy … someday.

Check out some of Lizzie’s recent posts:


I first met chordomapaul in The Commons for Blogging 201 this past October.  Paul had been recently diagnosed with chordoma, a  rare bone cancer.  Read my initial post on Paul and MYCHORDOMAJOURNEY here.

Paul has courageously shared his journey through treatment for his rare disease with us in the blogosphere while remaining humble and humorous.  His last radiation treatment was scheduled for December 31st, 2014.  Read some of his latest posts:

I’m looking forward to more posts from Paul as he recuperates from home and continues his cancer-free journey.

5.     f-stopmama

As I detail in my November post, Amy over at f-stopmama documents the world around her with her Nikon and shares her journey through her life changes as she leaves her lab rat job to become a full-time photographer.  I find her stories entertaining and her photos breathtaking.

Check out two of Amy’s more recent posts:

That closes out 2014.  I am looking forward to discovering the blogs of many fellow WordPress bloggers in 2015 starting next week on Friday, January 9th.

Until next Friday.



7 thoughts on “#FollowFriday – A Look Back at 2014

  1. Thank you for including me! I look forward to checking out the other blogs you have showcased as well. This is a great idea, and I think I will try to incorporate a follow day into my blog this year as well. Thank you again for the support, it means the world to me. Karen 🙂


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