#FollowFriday – The Procastinated Procastination Edition

As any procrastinator will tell you we don’t know why we do the self-defeating things we do. Why we put off until tomorrow, or the next day, or day or week after that what we could easily choose to do today. Such is the case with this post; its title implies that it should have been posted Friday and that was Friday, the 23rd not Friday the 30th.

I knew Friday that I needed to get it done before I left my house for a fundraising committee meeting Friday night. I knew that I would have very limited time when I returned home from said meeting. I knew that alcohol was being served. And, when I drank two glasses of Pinot Grigio that night I knew that there was a post waiting to be written at home because during the day when I had the chance to write I chose to do other things around the house such as cleaning and organizing that did need to be done. And taking a nap. As an adult with sleep apnea, I have discovered naps are key to my overall well being, happiness and productivity. If I had to venture a guess I would say about 75% of what I did around the house needed to be done just not first before a post that has an immediate deadline.

So I missed my deadline.  The earth did not spin out of orbit and when this is posted on Sunday instead of Friday it will still have value; maybe even more value than if I had forced writing it on Friday.  The other side to this equation is that I was having a difficult time writing this post because I hadn’t found a blog or blogs that I wanted to feature.  Because I was having difficulty I procrastinated doing it at all.  Trying to force a connection may have resulted in something that the reader felt was well forced.

So when I returned home Friday night, I sat my very mellow and tired self on the couch and tried to find one blog to no avail until a light bulb went off in my head as I was beating myself up over procrastinating.  I typed in the tag “procrastination” into my WordPress reader and read countless posts so many of which I could relate to and therefore relate to the writer.

Moments in time

The first blogger made me laugh about my procrastination.  Moments in time posted a piece titled Procrastination that is concise even if it was a tweet, a mere 70 characters.  Moments in time applauds brevity and tries to use as few words as possible to tell a story.  In addition to Procrastination, I especially enjoyed What the tide brings, File 9,999,382,130 and The midnight oil.  The tagline for Moments in time reads: “A snapshot of emotion, sung with words, every day.”  And in the pieces published so far, I find you do experience that snapshot of emotion that is simultaneously fulfilling as written but leaves readers wanting more.

joe fontenot.

“I’m Disciplined” (Read: I’m Procrastinating) is the first post I read at the blog joe fontenot. written about a subject I am fairly familiar with, the art of procrastination.

joe fontenot. is a blog written by a Christian man from his Christian perspective.  That might turn some readers away, however, I find his writings not to be overly preachy or filled with the threat of hell fire and brimstone.  Perhaps I’m immune to the threat of hell fire and brimstone and don’t recognize it.  Perhaps I have a soft spot for the grandsons of Baptist preachers as my other half is one.  Yes, there is a decided Christian slant to all his writing, but I encourage you to take a look at some of Joe’s posts and decide for yourself.  I read quite a few including Charlie Hebdo, You know what’s perfectly annoying? and On being young and being old

Life, Food and Me!

It was the post, Procrastination, Depression and Goals that first led me to Life, Food and Me! where blogger Princellar discusses her January depression that leads to procrastination and how she is handling both this year with a Blogging and Financial Goals Challenge.  I enjoyed reading her posts which as the title implies deal with life, food and her.  I especially enjoyed Chocolate Truffle Time, Are You Living by Default or On Purpose? and Giving Thanks!; I will have to return to get the recipes for chocolate truffles and pineapple casserole.

This week’s social media finds are:

  1. Life Food and Me – Princellar Bland – @PrincesBland
  2. Katie Maddox – @katiemaddox
  3. Joe Fontenot – @aJoeFontenot
  4. Everyday Alchemy – @edayalchemy
  5. Melissa Smith – @mrssmithingr3
  6. Georgia Rose – @GeorgiaRoseBook
  7. Terry Tyler – @TerryTyler4
  8. April – Diapers and Tutus – @Diapersandtutus
  9. Matthew Toffolo – @matthewtoffolo
  10. D. Parker – @yadadarcyyada
  11. Lotus – @aSoftBlackStar
  12. Sourcerer – @Sourcererblog
  13. Stephanie Lewis @MissMenopause
  14. The Social Pariahs – @The_SPblog
  15. Austin – @Austin_Hodgens
  16. OlgaNM – @OlgaNM7

Until next Friday.

6 thoughts on “#FollowFriday – The Procastinated Procastination Edition

  1. Holy crap FF, I thank you for your mention! I didn’t think that post would come to anything really, just thought I’d take a laugh and a ‘get out of jail free’ card and do that instead of an actual story because I was actually too lazy to give a crap that day. Who knew!

    I look forward to the other blogs you search up every Friday and looking forward to future interactions!

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  2. Thank you for featuring my blog in your post, I don’t know about everyone else but for me it is an honor. I hope you enjoy both the truffles and the pineapple casserole and once things get a bit more settled I will have more recipes, once again thank you.

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  3. I really enjoyed this post because we’ve all been there with regards to posting something scheduled for a specific day and then, life brings us in a different direction! It’s totally ok…we enjoy your posts no matter which day of the week! Thanks for reminding us that we are not alone!
    PS: Pinot Grigio is one of my favorite wines…Cheers!

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