Is it Really All Black and White?

Interesting, I wonder if we all do this when we speak (use of all intended). I think I need to pay attention to whether I use black and white words at home. I think my other half thinks I speak in black and white terms.  I think I use the word always too much.  Why do you always (fill in the blank)?

E. P. Matthews

I dislike the word “all”.   It’s a demanding, self-important word, even though it’s quite small.  Are we all here?   Are all roofing contractors crooks?  Did you finish all your vegetables?   It is, if you will, the Napoleon of words, perhaps just because it is so small.   It’s the person at the party who insists on topping your joke with his own punchline.   It’s the blind date who decides to tell you the ways you resemble his ex-wife.   Or worse yet, his mother.    All the ways you resemble his mother.

In the name of full disclosure, I confess that I am guilty of using the a-word  more often than I should, albeit invariably with regret.   I use it when I’m arguing with my husband:  “Why do you always dump all the junk mail on me every day?”   (He does.)  Or when I’m trying to get my kids to do their…

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