Say My Name! Say My Name!

imageSay My Name! Say My Name!

Saturday Suppers name has been changed to Burnin’ Up The Kitchen. It’s still the same feature. I will still write about my adventures in and around my kitchen; both my victories and mishaps. It’s like the Bard wrote in Romeo and Juliet:

“What’s in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet; …”

The renamed feature on from the sticks to the bricks and back again is essentially still Saturday Suppers. Then why change the name, you ask. Fair question. As much as I love the name Saturday Suppers, I feel it implies and I have claimed that I will post on Saturdays. At the time, my thought process being Saturdays were the days I would likely find time in the kitchen. I wasn’t thinking about the time it would take both in the kitchen and on the blog. I struggled to get it all done on a Saturday.

As I look back on the nine months I’ve run the feature, I have published nine posts and I have four partially completed drafts and the pictures for three or four other posts in my iPhone. The unfinished posts are the impetus for the name change; I think I would have likely finished at least two of them if not all of them had I not restricted myself to Saturdays and felt that if I published a post on a Thursday I had to offer an explanation why it didn’t get posted on Saturday.

The nine published posts in nine months gives me cause to celebrate; when I said my goal was two posts per month in my head I knew it was really one per month. I overstated my goal intentionally to motivate myself.

With Burnin’ Up The Kitchen my goal is to publish three times per month: ideally the first and third Wednesday of the month and then some random day I happen to be in my kitchen. Why Wednesday? Wednesdays are one of three significant weekly food days from my childhood. Wednesday was spaghetti night, Prince Spaghetti night. My mom always made spaghetti and had family and friends who were like family over for dinner every Wednesday of my childhood.

But why the name Burnin’ Up The Kitchen? It is an intentional play on words stemming from my propensity to have as many kitchen disasters as successes. Recently, I burned water. I had put a pot of water on the stove to make pasta and I got lost in a project in another room in the house and voila burnt water and pot. And if you tell me I can burn in the kitchen, I will smile and thank you because that is slang for I am a talented cook. So let’s get burning.

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