Follow Friday: The Blogiversary Edition Day One

108H2To  celebrate my second blogiversary I am featuring guest bloggers and writing a Follow Friday post every day this week leading up to my blogiversary on Saturday, August 15th.  I want to celebrate the WordPress community as much a I want to celebrate the fact that after two years I am still blogging.  To read more about my blogiversary go here.  Note I still need two guest bloggers so if you are interested in sharing your blogging wisdom and experience with my readers,please let me know.

Anyone with even just a passing familiarity of me and from the sticks to the bricks and back again knows that I love the sense of community that sprouts up around WordPress.  I was beyond excited when I received my first like and comment on my blog from a real blogger, Laura Biskupic the Me over at Molly B and Me.  I immediately followed Molly B and Me, coauthored by a mom and her teenage daughter, and began building my own WordPress Community.

I have featured the mother and daughter team twice before in my #FollowFriday feature, first in my inaugural  #FF post and in a look back at 2014 post.  To me Molly B and Me is about family, sports and celebrating all that is right in America as Laura and Molly give us a glimpse of their world.  In January, I became an honorary Biskupic (even though we feverishly root for different hockey and football teams Packers vs. Patriots and Blackhawks vs. Bruins) and I think that if I feature their blog a fourth time some might consider it nepotism.

Ironically, I was sitting on my front stoop when I was selecting which posts from Molly B and Me to highlight today so I had to include Stoop sitters of America, unite! in  my selection of posts to feature.  The stoops and porches featured in this post put my porch and stoop to shame; I’ve got some sprucing up to do.

As a college student studying in England I quickly fell in love with the very civilized custom of high tea and am always in search of someone to share cucumber sandwiches and scones with clotted cream with over a good cup of tea.  So I absolutely adored Miss Molly’s Tea Party Etiquette (A post by Molly).

One of the things I love about the Biskupic family is that they sometimes recognize the need to create a new holiday or new holiday tradition.  Check out the posts  full circle celebration, Halfway to Halloween and This blog’s for the hog to learn more about this Biskupic family tradition.

You can find Molly B and Me on Facebooktwitter and Instagram.

Heart and Harp Strings

My new find of the day is Heart and Harp Strings written by Kate, The Girl Behind the Harp.  Kate got me with her admission that she trips over her own feet and speaks sarcasm as a first language.

Her post His Boots, Her Flops… Why The Stigma? makes me want to plaster  the world  with Marine boots and flip flop stickers in spite of my other half having served in the Army not the Marines.  I love #10 in her post I Bet You Didn’t Know These 10 Facts when she calls herself a lazy perfectionist; I may have to borrow that term someday.  In her post, NY Adventures: My First Birthday Away From Home we get a glimpse into her life with Mr. Envoy, her husband and active duty Marine.  And as if she hadn’t won me over already she got me with Peach Cobbler

Kate  or GeekKate  as she refers to herself can be found on Facebooktwitter, Instagram and Pinterest.





2 thoughts on “Follow Friday: The Blogiversary Edition Day One

  1. Happy Blogiversary! Thank you so much for featuring me, that was so incredibly sweet of you! I’m glad you enjoyed my blog and I’m excited to give yours a read too! I hope you have a wonderful Blogiversary 🙂

    ❤ and harp strings,


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