Follow Friday: The Blogiversary Edition Day Two

108H2To  celebrate my second blogiversary I am featuring guest bloggers and writing a Follow Friday post every day this week leading up to my blogiversary on Saturday, August 15th.  I want to celebrate the WordPress community as much a I want to celebrate the fact that after two years I am still blogging.  To read more about my blogiversary go here.  Note I still need two guest bloggers so if you are interested in sharing your blogging wisdom and experience with my readers,please let me know.

What a familiar story – I have a #FF blog post due today and I haven’t written it.  I have ideas floating in my head but I have not committed any of them to paper.  I should have written all five of these posts last week but I was elbow deep in cookie dough.  I baked cookies for each of my nieces last softball games of the summer and the youngest, Jenny’s team party.

The cookies came out great; the posts are just a bunch of ideas rattling in my head.

Softball cookies in production on my dining room table.

Finding myself rushed I think what blogs can I visit quickly.  A light bulb goes off in my head!

Sitting in Dunkin’ Donuts with my vanilla chai.

While I’m drinking my Dunkin’ Donuts vanilla chai tea, I can visit Shelia Sea Poetry as a blog I have featured before.  I am envious of Sheila’s economy of words. She utilizes a brevity that I can only dream of achieving.  To read about my first visit to Shelia Sea Poetry read here.

Sheila packs deep meaning into her carefully chosen words.  Her word choices like her writing are truly an art form.  So grab a cup of tea, relax and enjoy reading Sheila’s poetry. During my visit today, I enjoyed :


the crisis of august


not everything I write is about you

I hope you enjoy the simplicity, wisdom and wittiness of Sheila’s words as much as I do.

Until tomorrow, when I will feature a new blog.

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