Never waste a wish

Thank you for the opportunity to post on your very cool blog and to learn how to reblog on someone else’s blog. It has been an adventure. Hope all your wishes come true.


We’re big on wishes in this house — falling stars, birthday candles, eye lashes, four-leaf clovers, dandelion seeds.

We wish on just about anything.

Our post-Thanksgiving turkey tussles have become legendary.

Last night I found a wishbone tucked away in the cabinet above our stove. At first it grossed me out and I quickly calculated the last time I’d cooked a bird.

I’ll be honest, it had been a few weeks.

I turned to toss it, and then I paused.

Life’s too short, man. You have to wish upon every opportunity you have.

Hoard your wishes if you’d like.

Share them with a friend.

But, for the love of all things magical and free, never waste an opportunity to wish.

Step outside on a sticky sweet s’more summer night and wish upon the evening star.

Wish you may. Wish you might. Have the wish you wish tonight.


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