My Blogging Tips

I was short a guest blogger for today, so I went to WordPress reader and typed in Social Media and Blogging and discovered Dream Big, Dream Often. In lieu of a guest blog, I am re-blogging this blogging tips post from Dream Big, Dream Often. Hope you find at least one useful tip. I did!

Dream Big, Dream Often

So many people have been emailing me about blogging tips that I thought I would put together a post with a few of my tips. I am in no way an expert on blogging, so keep that in mind as you read.  On to the tips:

  • Produce good, original content (the most important tip!).   What do people want to read?  Or better, what is your purpose for    writing?  I was talking with Amusing Myself Musings a few days ago and we were discussing this very topic: content.  Often, if you are not getting readers, revisit what you are posting.  Find a topic people will be interested in reading AND returning!  My personal favorites are those blogs that talk about a topic of which I have no experience and/or is written from a personal perspective.  One of my favorites, to give example, is Power Plant Men.  I know nothing of power plants but I find…

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