Follow Friday: The Blog Party Edition


My Follow Friday feature is all about community building so it is no accident that I found this week’s featured blog over at A Momma’s View blog party post to celebrate her recent Entertainer Blogger Award.  It was in the comments section that I found Eli Pacheco of Coach Daddy, a blog as the tagline suggests is all about fatherhood, futbol and food; European futbol that is not American.  He left the link to his post Would You Die For Me, Daddy? in the comments section.  The post tugs at your heartstrings as Eli grapples with the question asked him by his eight-year-old daughter Grace.

Don’t forget to visit his About page to find out more about Eli and his blog that started out as a place to discuss fatherhood (he’s a Dad of three girls) and sports.  The post Froggies? Fireworks? The Day of a Soccer Coach gives the reader a glimpse of Eli’s world as Dad and coach to his three daughters.

During my visit with the pages of Coach Daddy I noticed that Eli is one of those bloggers who care about promoting other blogs and bloggers as much as he cares about promoting his own blog.  This is evident in that his blog is home to two features that promote others – Guest Blogger Wednesdays (a couple guest posts I enjoyed reading can be found here and here) and a monthly 6 Words post feature/challenge based on Ernest Hemingway’s assertion any story can be told in a six word sentence.

In addition to finding Eli on WordPress at Coach Daddy, he can be found at Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Until next Friday.

Image courtesy of gratisography and edited with PicMonkey.

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