Fifteen Things I Like


things I like

The list of things I like includes …

… the sound of a baseball bat cracking in the chill October air at Fenway Park.

… time spent alone.

… hanging out with my nieces and seeing me and the world around us through their eyes.

… Chinese food and movie nights with my other half.

… the number fifteen and the power it provides me.

… Thanksgiving dinner.

… the happiness on my nieces and nephews faces on Christmas Eve.

… the sound of the ocean waves hitting the sandy beach.

… the smell of freshly cut grass, particularly when I’m not the one who had to mow the lawn.

… a good cuppa afternoon tea, the kind that one lingers over.

… listening to a church choir sing Amazing Grace and other spirituals.

… a good game of cards whether it be trashcan or go fish with my nieces or spades with my other half.

… watching one of my nieces steal their way home after walking on to first base.

… baking cookies and other baked goods from scratch for others.

… long summer nights.


Image courtesy of khunaspix at and edited with PicMonkey.

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