A Writer’s Space

It is there at that desk in front of the attic window where I am supposed to sit and write.  I am surrounded by the tools of my craft – laptop, printer, thesaurus, dictionary, pens in a variety of colors, notebooks, ream of paper, scissors and tape (still used for the original cut and paste method I was taught in journalism school) and reference books (Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg; Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life by Anne Lamott; On Writing Well by William Zinsser; and even an old edition of The Elements of Style by William Strunk Jr. and E. B. White) to help fight writer’s block

Lynne Brown, Through the Attic Window

“Where do I write?” you ask.

Everywhere and anywhere.

I believe this naturally extends from my childhood reading habits.  I read wherever I found myself.  At the breakfast table, no book, no problem, read the cereal box.  At my desk, at the kitchen table not during meal time, sprawled out on the living room floor, sitting in a favorite chair, sitting cattycornered between two bureaus in my parents’ room, “sleeping” in bed at night, wherever I was, my nose was in a book.

Consequently, wherever I find myself I write.

IMG_2372Right now, I’m sitting at my kitchen table alternating between writing this post and doing some fall cleaning.  The post will get done today, the cleaning will continue into tomorrow.

I love writing in coffee shops, there’s an energy and buzz but seldom are there interruptions for me.  It’s also a great place to listen to dialogue.

I used to have a home office but it had to be turned into a bedroom.  As much as I miss having my own space, I didn’t always write in there.  I never took the time to create a space that truly worked for me.

Since giving up my office, I write mostly at my dining room table with editing taking place on my couch.  It is not ideal because it seems I’m always having to move my writing stuff out of the way – unbelievable but some people actually expect to eat at the dining room table.

I can write on trains (probably buses and airplanes too).

Mainly I prefer a quiet atmosphere but depending on my mood there may be music playing or some sort of background noise similar to a coffee shop.

I’ve always dreamt of an attic office with a sitting area boasting a comfy chair or couch for me to retreat to when brainstorming or editing.  My ideal office is very similar to the description from Through the Attic Window quoted above.

Increasingly, I’ve been yearning for my own space to write in (and leave notes and drafts scattered about).  Even with my own space, I know I will always periodically move from place to place with my laptop and notebooks and continue to write where I find myself.  Perhaps what I need for now is a really nice bag to create a portable writing space.  I’m picturing leather with compartments to house elements of my ideal office in it – nice pens, notebooks and notepaper, my laptop … hold the couch and desk for now.

5 thoughts on “A Writer’s Space

  1. That’s great that you can write anywhere. You can probably get a lot done because you aren’t limited to a certain space. I don’t have to be in a certain area to write, but I do need the atmosphere to be a certain way. It either has to be quiet or I have to have music going. I can’t write when there are conversations going on, or I find myself listening to them whether I want to or not.

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      • I wish I could do that. Something about people talking pulls me in, even if they’re just talking about how they hate green bean casserole. I don’t want to listed, but ahh…I can’t stop!
        I can tune them out if there are lots of conversations going on at the same time. Then it becomes white noise.


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