Writer’s Quote Wednesday – E E Cummings

Thanks to Colleen over at Silver Threading for facilitating this weekly community event.


When Colleen at Silver Threading posted a quote by Elmore Leonard last week, I thought of e e cummings, the American poet known for experimenting with his poetry  by ignoring conventional grammar and syntax rules.  I hadn’t thought of e e cummings in years perhaps since my e e cummings phase as a teenager.

E_e_cummings_3c13649u_tifwhat? everyone had an e e cummings phase, right? I wrote my name in lowercase and pretty much everything I wrote was written in  lowercase with no punctuation.  I recall my teachers loving my efforts to honor the poet.  I did eventually get over it and return routine grammar and punctuation to my writing.

Generally, I like to focus on quotes about writing but couldn’t really find any other than the quote above so I chose a selection of quotes that will hopefully both make you think and smile.





eecummings.6For more about Edward Estlin Cummings – E E Cummings (October 14, 1894 – September 3, 1962), visit his Wikipedia page.

7 thoughts on “Writer’s Quote Wednesday – E E Cummings

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