Follow Friday – October Horror


It’s October or Octember as I fondly like to refer to it.  I find it only fitting that my first Follow Friday post of the month be devoted to horror and the bloggers who populate my WordPress reader under the horror tag.


First up is Megan-E-Pearson.  Megan E. Pearson/LoliZombie is  a writer, gamer, and entertainer who writes about pop culture mainly video games, horror and movies/TV.

Her post Top Ten Horror Movies is what caught my attention today.  Some other posts amongst the many worth reading for the gamer and non-gamer alike include Game Franchises That Are Missed, Book vs. Movie: Jurassic Park, and Remembering Wes Craven.

Rambling Ink

Rambling Ink, a blog dedicated to the “stories, writing exercises, and rants from a rambling mind-scape” as its tagline promises caught my attention with the story The Monser.  Initially it appeared I was reading a story about a case book domestic violence incident and I began thinking that’s not the kind of horror story I was looking to read when writer, Robert Vicens threw in a twist.

Many  of his stories have little twists in them.  Vicens does not just write horror and suspense stories but that is what’s on the menu this Friday evening as I recommend Ghouls in Love Part 1: Rose, A Murder: The End of a Sentence and The Dark Spirit in the little town of Carmel.


My last frightful find for the week is iheartfilm, which as it title and tagline suggest is a blog written by a movie lover for all movie lovers everywhere.  I was lured into the blog by Countdown to Halloween and quickly discovered that iheartfilm should be a go to blog for horror lovers this October.  Some of the other posts I found of interest today include: Boo Don’t Turn Off the Lights, iheart Halloween!, and Moonwalker’s Smooth Criminal.

So grab some popcorn, turn out the lights if you dare and visit Donna Marie and iheartfilm on WordPress as well as on Facebook.

Until next Friday.

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