Follow Friday – Halloween



Throughout October, Follow Friday will focus on blogs posting about things that are well October related.  Last week the focus was horror this week Halloween.  I filled my WordPress reader with the tag Halloween and read posts until I selected three blogs to feature in this week’s #FF post.

I was trying to find bloggers that are lovers of all thing Halloween.  I find by entering random tags in my WordPress reader I am led to blogs that I would not normally find.  This week was no different.

The Koifish Sketchbook

The first blog I discovered was that of The Digital Koifish otherwise known as McCoy Khamphouy, the artist/blogger who blogs at The Koifish Sketchbook.  This month The Koifish Sketchbook is participating in the 31 Days of Halloween challenge.  Take a few minutes to visit this blog and review the Halloween themed sketches.  My favorites so far are:

31 Days of Halloween (2015) – Day 4 – “The Prince of Wallachia”

31 Days of Halloween (2015) – Day 6 – “A Deal With the Devil

The quintessential witch from The Koifish Sketchbook.

I will be checking back throughout the month to see what The Koifish Sketchbook has in store for us this Halloween.

Monica Marier Author

Monica Marier, author and artist, is participating in two challenges this month Inktober and Carpe Scream.  Carpe Scream, a month long horror movie challenge, is what attracted me to her blog.  With Monica’s movie reviews there is no excuse for not knowing what horror movie to watch this month.

Check her reviews of House on Haunted Hill and Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride.  Also take a look at her archives; I liked Let’s Talk, Inktober Finale and her Advent Calendar series.

You can also find Monica on Facebook.

Regarding Samuel

Last up on my Halloween tour of my WordPress reader is Regarding Samuel, a writers blog written by Ethan Bethune.

Ethan’s enthusiasm for Halloween lured me into his blog with Halloween and Fall.  I could hear chants of all hail October echoing in my head.  A look through his archives reveals Something’s under row 5, the burning of Pelham House, Harper Valley #1 and the promise of more of the author’s fiction written in the category he refers to as Haunted October.

Ethan and Regarding Samuel can also be found on Facebook.

Until next Friday.

Image courtesy of gratisography and edited with PicMonkey.


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