Be Thankful Challenge


First. I would like to thank Steph from ScaleSimple for nominating me for this challenge and reminding me to be grateful.  Happy Thanksgiving, Steph and all my neighbors to the north in Canada.

As many of you know, I suffer from Thanksgiving envy.  I wish we celebrated Thanksgiving in October or the first week of November at the latest in the States.  It’s just so much more logical and well dare I say civilized.  Instead of rushing from the dinner table to the malls we might get to actually slow down and take notice of all that we have to be grateful for before pillaging the local malls for a bargain of a Christmas present.  Not to mention the stress of preparing two major family gatherings within a month’s time.  But I digress, back to the challenge.

The Challenge rules

  • Share this image in your blog post.
  • Write about 5 people in your life you are thankful for.
  • Write about 5 things in 2015 that you are thankful for.
  • Spread the love and challenge 5 other blogs to take part.

5 People I am Thankful for

  1. My Mom – I am grateful that she taught me to be strong and independent.   I am grateful that she showed me that I could do anything, that storms would pass as surely they would come, and the value of a good list.
  2. My Dad – I am grateful that he taught me the value of hard work and to be kind to those in need.  I am grateful that as one of his four daughters he never made us feel he was disappointed because we weren’t boys and that he never told us we couldn’t do something because we were girls.  I imagine that there may have been an occasion or two over the years when he had to say to someone, “Maybe girls don’t … but my girls do.”
  3. My friends, sisters and sister-friends – I am grateful for the girls and women in my life that provide me with support and encouragement.  And for my best girlfriend for holding me accountable to live my best life.
  4. My nieces and nephews – I am grateful that I have many nieces and nephews for whom I am able to be their favorite aunt.  I cherish the times we get to spend together and being a second mother in their lives.  Being an aunt is like being a mom without the pain of childbirth and the daily responsibility – mom light.
  5. My other half’s Dad – I am grateful for the time he was in my life treating me like his daughter and providing lessons for his sons and daughters on how a man should respect the woman in his life.

5 Things I am Thankful for in 2015 

  1. I am thankful for each day I get up and get the opportunity to try to do it (get it right) again.
  2. I am thankful for my oldest nephew’s test results that show he is cancer free.  He has been battling Stage 3/4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  His final treatment is next week and with God’s grace we are praying that he receives more good news.
  3. I am thankful that some building blocks have been revealed to me that are helping me create the next chapter of my life.
  4. I am thankful I have an attitude that doesn’t allow me to be defeated.  I may get off track, I may fall off course but I never give up.
  5. I am thankful for the flexibility in my schedule to be the aunt every mom wishes for her children to have.  The aunt that has cousin sleepovers at her house, that attends sporting events every week to cheer her nieces on, that bakes cookies for her nieces and their friends too.

5 Nominations for this Challenge

  1. yadadarcyyada
  2. Send Sunshine
  3. Cathy Lynn Brooks
  4. Inspiring Max
  5. From Food Stamps To A Future

I tried to select bloggers who I thought wouldn’t mind a Thankful Challenge.  If I nominated you and you can’t or don’t want to participate do not fret.  If you read this and think I wish Lynne nominated me, please consider yourself nominated.  The world can use your gratitude and positive energy, all I ask is that you ping back to Steph from ScaleSimple and follow her rules as best you can.

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