Friday conversations – Forever Family launches tomorrow!

Have you visited Riddle from the Middle today?

She’s launching a new feature tomorrow called Forever Family. I’ve read the posts that led up to this and I’m sure this feature will be thought provoking, pull at our heartstrings and hopefully encourage dialogue. Take a minute to read this announcement and show T’man and Bear’s mom some love and encouragement by liking and commenting. She’d be more than happy to have you join in on Friday conversations.

Riddle from the Middle

Last week I wrote several posts that really stuck with me.  These (part 1 and part 2) lingered in the back of my mind for days, patiently waiting for me to sift through all the questions they’d raised and emotions they’d evoked. It was a lot to process, but spending that time with it eventually led to a really good heart to heart with T-man. I’ll be writing about that in tomorrow’s blog.

I gained a greater appreciation for my son’s point of view, but along with that understanding came an idea that grew until it wouldn’t be ignored.  Adoption, while not the most important aspect of our family, certainly plays a very big part in who we are and how we approach certain experiences.  This is why I’m going to start a weekly feature on Fridays called Forever Family.


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