Forever Family: murky waters, final installment

The first installment of Forever Family is out. Join the Friday conversation at Riddle from the Middle.

Riddle from the Middle

There’s no doubt about it – that “murky waters” conversation stayed with me for quite a while.  It lurked in the back of my mind, poking me periodically to make sure I didn’t forget about it.  I wanted to scream Of course I haven’t forgotten!  Those big adoption moments (aka BAMs) tend to simmer while I work out where I landed on the spectrum of I handled that one okay to Wow, I blew that big time. 

My English-major-nerdiness really screwed me over that night when the different connotations for ‘mom’ and ‘mother’ messed with my head.  T-man’s relationship with Miss C can ebb and flow with the tides, and I’d started thinking of her more along the lines of “birthmother.”  This may seem like a small distinction, but it affects how I see her.  And that interferes with remembering how T-man sees her.

At any rate, after about a week of mulling over our what’s a mom? conversation I realized I…

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