Saturday Shares – Scandal In The Church Of Starbucks

Saturday SharesSaturday Shares is a feature on from the sticks to the bricks and back again that promotes deliberate re-blogging.  What is deliberate re-blogging?  A concerted effort to re-blog the posts of other bloggers deliberately and not randomly.  I have found that I am less likely to re-blog because I might be reading someone’s post at a time that is inconvenient for me to post or comment.  By saving links throughout the week, I can schedule my re-blogs instead of randomly re-blogging five posts all at once – a practice I find annoying.

Originally posted on What’s The Point?

Scandal In The Church Of Starbucks

I think it’s safe to say I’m not a coffee snob, in fact I hardly drink coffee (I’m a one cup in the morning type of guy).  But I have been inside the walls of St. Arbucks (as a friend of mine likes to put it).  It seems like a nice enough place to hang out.  There are tables, chairs, couches, coffee and snacks.  People are relaxed and engaged in either conversation, or their electronic device with their ear plugs in – removed from the rest of the world.  It’s a nice place to visit – but until this past week I had no idea that the “Christian world” considered Starbucks to be a church!

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