Monday Motivations – Theodore Roosevelt


This week’s Monday motivation speaks to me about focus.  At least that is what resonates with me when I read the quote from Teddy Roosevelt.  “Keep your eyes on the stars” tells me to dream big, have big plans, keep the big picture in mind.  While, “and your feet on the ground” serves as a reminder to focus on the details, the tasks at hand that need to be done in order to achieve what your starry eyes are dreaming about.  Sometimes, I think the problem is, my problem is that in order to get anything done, in order to write that novel or start a company or non-profit you have to be both a big picture person and a details, nitty-gritty person.  I am capable of being either just oftentimes at different times.  I find it difficult to focus on both the big picture and the details simultaneously.  I am sure there are tools, life hacks to help do both.

As I reflect on this quote, I think of all the unfinished projects, the great ideas that never came to fruition that clutter my past and I believe it was because I got stuck in one mode or the other – big picture with no feet on the ground working on the details or so focused on the details that I lost sight of the big picture.  The question for me then becomes how to put President Roosevelt’s advice into action.


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