Monday Motivations – Don Shula


This week’s Monday motivation speaks to me about just getting started.   Starting something is sometimes half the battle. Legendary cornerback and football coach most known for his perfect season as head coach with the 1972 Miami Dolphins, Don Shula reminds us to just start.  Start whatever it is you want to achieve where you are.


Think about it – Shula’s quote is succinct but packed with meaning.  “The start is what stops most people.”  You cannot achieve what you do not start, you can not be successful at something you do not attempt.

How many times do we tell ourselves we will start that later but later never comes?  I will start that diet tomorrow, I hate starting diets on a Monday or a Thursday.  I will start going to the gym as soon as I buy new sneakers.  I will start that novel as soon as I have time.  If I could just find the perfect notebook or pen or some quiet time, I would start writing again.

As I reflect on this quote, it occurs to me that each and every single day we need to make the choice to start.  Sometimes it is to start anew, sometimes it is to start the same goal again.

IMG_3159Don Shula motivates me this week to start; start anything; start everyday.  I will look for opportunities to turn the if only talk into starts.  As I write this, a pile of disorganization stares me in the face.  I have been telling myself I would organize this pile of papers honestly since March and it still sits in the corner of my dining room aka my temporary office.  So this week, I will just start tackling it.

What will you start this week?

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