Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Dr. Seuss

This quote by Dr. Seuss is perfect for this time of year. People rushing here, there and everywhere to purchase Christmas presents. Sometimes it seems that Christmas is sheer commercialism.


But, I believe that you have to look beyond the store-bought glitz and glam, you will see the magic of Christmas.  Christmas brings out the good in people. It is the magic of a child’s belief in Santa Claus that delights our hearts. The doing for others that warms our souls.

My other half and I have two different view points on Christmas – he sees the commercialism and gets all Bah Humbug on me. I see the magic. I see the excitement in our nieces and nephews eyes and get caught up in creating magic for them. Some years, I admit I drop a bundle of money on them and other years like the last two my spending is a bit more conservative. What I’ve noticed is that the brat pack as I affectionately call them are not bothered by the leaner years because they understand that Christmas is not just about presents, but about family. When they grow older, Christmas memories will not be so much about what was in the gift boxes but the magic of it all, helping decorate my Christmas tree, the ceremony of setting up my nativity in a manger that their grandfather whom they never met built for me, the cookies I baked and they helped decorate, the laughter, family and food.

I know this because these are the things I remember from my childhood Christmases. My parents went to great lengths to make Christmas magical for my three sisters and me. There are presents I remember distinctly like Tony the Pony and riding him down the hallway on Christmas Eve or having slinky races with the slinkies Santa put in our stockings every year. But what I remember most was the magic, riding around in our station wagon looking at Christmas lights, frosting Italian cookies with my Mom and setting up the nativity in the manger my Dad built.

I continue to believe in the magic and my other half also known as Uncle Grinchie eventually comes around.



Thanks to Colleen over at Silver Threading for facilitating this weekly community event.


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