Favorite Episodes: It can wait until tomorrow…

tvJanuary is a time for looking back at the prior year, our wins and losses.   Favorite Episodes is a way for me to look back at what I’ve written in 2015 that was well received by my readers while diving into my blog stats and editorial calendar.  Over the next few weeks, I will be posting little or no new original content. Instead I am reblogging some of my most popular posts from 2015 and developing a Favorite Episodes Season Three page in the process.

This was written in response to Writing 101, Day 5: Let social media inspire you and a delayed dare I say procrastinated response to Writer’s procrastination − a hidden virtue?.

Procrastination and I are no strangers to each other.  We are, dare I say, great friends.  Our relationship is one of the longest lasting relationships in my life, rivaled only by my relationships with my three sisters.

Procrastination or P-Dubs as I like to call him is a reliable and dependable friend.  When my friends and family are busy and Dedication and Discipline are nowhere to be found, P-Dubs is consistently there to hang out with me.  It’s like Boca says in Mr. 3000, “… I could always count on you to do your thing, you know? You’re consistent.  You’re always driven.  And you’re always for yourself.”

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