Monday Motivations – Cory Booker


On Sunday, I watched a live podcast from the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate of Getting to the Point with Senator Cory Booker, the junior Senator from New Jersey.  Like many Americans, this American election cycle has left me feeling despair over the future direction of our country.  Oftentimes, it feels like instead of watching an American Presidential race unfold we are watching a bad reality show that makes Keeping Up with the Kardashians seem like classic theatre in the park.

After watching Cory Booker answer questions on the current state of affairs in America and discuss race, politics and America’s future I found that my faith in America’s future was refreshed.  Senator Booker’s brand of politics calls for reaching across the aisle, bridging our divides and finding our common ground to move America forward.  Refreshingly, it is a style that is not so different from that of the Lion of the Senate, Edward M. Kennedy.  A voice that has been missing in Washington, D.C. since Senator Kennedy’s death in 2009.

Appropriately, my Monday Motivation this week is coming from Senator Booker.

What will you choose this week?

Tomorrow is Super Tuesday and if you are eligible to vote in the primary elections I hope you choose engagement over apathy.  And when it is all said and done, I hope that you find you voted on the right side of history.

For more information on Senator Booker, you can visit the Amazon page for his new book United (I have ordered a copy and will post a review next month), his Wikipedia page, his official web page, or his campaign web site.   Senator Booker is active on Facebook and Twitter.

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