Favorite Episodes: Why Do I Relay?

tvJanuary is a time for looking back at the prior year, our wins and losses.   Favorite Episodes is a way for me to look back at what I’ve written in 2015 that was well received by my readers while diving into my blog stats and editorial calendar.  Over the next few weeks, I will be posting little or no new original content. Instead I am reblogging some of my most popular posts from 2015 and developing a Favorite Episodes Season Three page in the process. Continue reading “Favorite Episodes: Why Do I Relay?”

Be Thankful Challenge


First. I would like to thank Steph from ScaleSimple for nominating me for this challenge and reminding me to be grateful.  Happy Thanksgiving, Steph and all my neighbors to the north in Canada.

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October Facebook Page Promotion Give Away Announced

Maybe it’s because I woke up this morning and it’s The First of Octember.   Maybe it’s because my beloved Boston Red Sox beat the Yankees 9-5 yesterday, delaying The Evil Empire from clinching its first playoff berth in three years. Continue reading “October Facebook Page Promotion Give Away Announced”