The First of Octember

Happy First of Octember! Octember is my favorite month of the year and this year I am looking forward to a month filled with blog posts dedicated to what makes it so special. Colorful leaves, things that go bump in the night, pumpkins and hot apple cider from a local New England farm stand.

from the sticks to the bricks and back again

The first of Octember is here. A cause for celebration in my world. Octember, or October as most people refer to it, is one of my favorite months.

I don’t give up on summer until we are well into Octember, some years November. Octember days are glorious, warm and colorful and it’s mornings and nights promise cooler temperatures. Many of my fellow New Englanders have already broken out the boots and cable sweaters. I, for my part, am still sporting my flip-flops and capris. Sure, sometimes the brisk morning air nibbles at my toes; I am a hearty New Englander, I

LL Bean shearling flip flops LL Bean shearling flip flops

can take it. The freedom and the sunshine on my toes are well worth an occasional nibble. I have thought of upgrading to a pair of L.L. Bean shearling flip-flops, I could commute in those right up until Thanksgiving.

My affection for Octember started…

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Call for Guest Bloggers & My Second Blogiversary

Only a few more days until my blogiversary week begins. Still have openings for guest bloggers. Can be material you already posted to your site. Interested? Email me at

from the sticks to the bricks and back again

This August is my second blogging anniversary – fromthestickstothebricksandbackagain started from a well-timed challenge issued to me by my friend Sam to try blogging for thirty days. She felt that I was wasting my writing talent and all needed to do was write, write, and write some more.

Sam’s challenge via email hit my inbox on the right day because I had been contemplating blogging but needed a push to get me started. I surprised her by how quickly I said yes with one stipulation that she help me create a blog name. We spent an afternoon coming up with a name; emailing each other names back and forth along with my two marketing friends Linda and Jennie until we reached a consensus on the name fromthestickstothebricksandbackagain.

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Why Do I Relay?

Why do I relay? The answer to that question like a Facebook relationship status is complicated; complicated in that the answer is multi-faceted.

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the n-word

Today, I am wondering how long it will take White America at large to accept the fact that when a black man uses the n-word particularly in the context the POTUS used it, it is not racist.

from the sticks to the bricks and back again

After posting ‘A Nation of Trayvons’, I had several lengthy discussions with one of my best friends about racism, how far we have really come, whether the election of a black President signifies hope for race relations and the use of the n-word in present day American society.  Her viewpoint was and is if a word is hateful and bad then no one should use it, period end of story.  If only, life was that simple.  Life is, however, messy and a bit more complicated.  So is the society we live in.

Growing up in the 1960s and 1970s, the daughter of fairly politically liberal parents, my sisters and I were taught that the n-word was a hateful and mean word we did not use.  If any one of us had dared to utter that word, our bottoms would likely still be sore today from the spanking we would…

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Motherless Daughters on Mothers Day

Today, Mothers Day, marks the 9th anniversary of my mom’s passing. In honor of her and all motherless daughters, I am reblogging my post from last year on being motherless on Mothers Day.

from the sticks to the bricks and back again

Since my Mom passed away eight years ago today, Mothers Day has been difficult to the say the least. The first Mothers Day after Mom died, was more than painful falling the day after we buried her in a torrential spring storm – a bona fide New England Nor’easter complete with strong winds, rain cascading from the skies as if to wash away our tears, and flooding that prevented us from holding her services graveside.

If it is true that the first set of holidays after a loved one passes is the most difficultthen that first Mothers Day was especially difficult. My childhood home that had no less than 24 hours before been filled with the sounds of people – family and friends – was excruciatingly quiet. The walls seemed to ooze with the heaviness of our grief. I was alone in the house that seemed emptier than I’d ever…

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Calling All Authors! Will You Help a Friend?

Please help my friends Lisa and Colleen reach their thunderclap goal. Lisa’s campaign is currently at 62 of 100 supporters needed. This will cost you nothing and takes seconds of your time. Thank you for your help.

Word Craft ~ Prose and Poetry

One of the hardest things for authors to undertake after their novel is written and self-published, is the marketing aspect of their book. There are a few programs out there geared toward making a loud bang in the blogosphere. One of them is called a THUNDERCLAP.

Thunderclap is an organization similar to crowd funding, except there is no money involved for the basic package. That’s right, it’s FREE! (Hint, hint!)

My friend Lisa, from Rebirth of Lisa, at my urging, has undertaken a campaign to broadcast throughout social media such a thunderclap. She needs our support.

In fact, here is a link to the review I wrote of her book, “The Mistreatment of Zora Langston,” on the Lit World Interviews website.

Thunderclap will share news of Lisa’s book throughout their members. It will reach thousands of people she could never reach by herself on social media.


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Thunderclap Hooooo!

Help Lisa promote her first book,The Mistreatment of Zora Langston with a click and thunderclap.

Lisa W. Tetting

This story will have you cheering for

Yesterday I had a chat with someone who has become dear to me over the past few months. The thing is I have never met her in person, but she and I are building a “BLOGSHIP”. I know that’s not a word, but there is not a word for a relationship via a blog, so I made-up my own. Colleen Chesebro from the Silver Threading blog has been a great source of support with the launching of my debut novel, The Mistreatment of Zora Langston. Well Colleen suggested I start a Thunderclap campaign to help get the word out.

As an indie author I am all about finding unique and effective ways to market my book, not to mention FREE! I decided to check out their website and found it very interesting indeed. Thunderclap is an online forum for people to spread the word about their causes. You’ll find campaigns…

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