If you and I were able to have one last cup of coffee …

from the sticks to the bricks and back again

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If, today, you and I were able to sit at your kitchen table and talk over a cup of coffee just one last time, I would …

… tell you to pour some Sambuca (the good kind, not the generic anisette you always settled for) in our cups. Today is, after all, your eightieth birthday.

… bake you a batch of sesame cookies; the kind I cursed Stella D’Oro for not making anymore the year you were dying and kept asking for your favorite cookies.

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Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Virginia Woolf

I have always prided myself for ability to write wherever I find myself – a bustling coffee shop, the middle of a crowded train station, or a tranquil hideaway.

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Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Jules Renard

The quote by Jules Renard makes me pause.  The quiet reflective side of me connects to this quote and thinks of me as the young, almost painfully shy little girl finding her place in a large and loud extended Italian-American family.

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Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Change and Obsession

Two weeks ago, before reading the theme for the weekly Writer’s Quote Wednesday (WQW) Challenge, I selected a Faulkner quote that ironically aligned with the theme.  Typically, I don’t wait for the weekly theme to be announced to participate in WQW.  Instead, I post what speaks to me and ignore the theme.  This would be the second time Ronovan has chosen a theme my preselected quote aligns with perfectly.

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Happy Birthday Dad! Love, Your Favorite

Today would have been my Dad’s 85th birthday. It is hard to believe that today is the 18th year, we have marked his birthday without him.

from the sticks to the bricks and back again

IMG_1218 Dad blowing out the candles on his 66th Birthday.

Today would have been my father’s 84th birthday had he not passed away suddenly at the age of 66 from an aneurysm in his stomach.  To say my relationship with my father was and is complicated would be an understatement.  But then again, aren’t all relationships complicated?  I think our relationship was more complicated than most because I was his favorite daughter and sometimes we disappointed each other.

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Saturday Shares – I Raised My Voice Against Hatred

Saturday SharesSaturday Shares is a feature on from the sticks to the bricks and back again that promotes deliberate re-blogging.  What is deliberate re-blogging?  A concerted effort to re-blog the posts of other bloggers deliberately and not randomly.  I have found that I am less likely to re-blog because I might be reading someone’s post at a time that is inconvenient for me to post or comment.  By saving links throughout the week, I can schedule my re-blogs instead of randomly re-blogging five posts all at once – a practice I find annoying.

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I Raised My Voice Against Hatred.  It Was Easier Than I Thought It Would Be and It Felt Good. – By Carmelene Melanie Siani

“They have the best Greek feta cheese you can get anywhere,” my husband said, pointing to the Middle Eastern grocery store around the corner from our house where he and his late wife used to shop all the time.

“It comes from France.”

Hm. Greek feta cheese from France.  How enticing,  “I’ll check it out,” I told him.

Thus began, three years ago, my almost daily trips to that wonderful little corner of the world, the Middle Eastern market.

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Writer’s Quote Wednesday – William Strunk Jr.

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