If you and I were having coffee right now …

This was written in response to Writing 101, Day 10: Update your readers over a cup of coffee.

coffee shareIf you and I were having coffee right now … I would ask you how you were and how your work week was.  I would ask you if you had done anything special this weekend besides having coffee with me. Continue reading “If you and I were having coffee right now …”

Goals & Objections

goals-2As the first assignment for this month’s Blogging University’s Blogging 201 workshop, we were asked to set three goals.  I did a similar exercise in Blogging 101 last fall and my goals and objections at the time were:

  • write 5 – 7 days per week, whether or not I hit publish or not;
  • publish 75 – 150 posts; and
  • reach 200 WordPress followers.

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