If you and I were able to have one last cup of coffee …


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If, today, you and I were able to sit at your kitchen table and talk over a cup of coffee just one last time, I would …

… tell you to pour some Sambuca (the good kind, not the generic anisette you always settled for) in our cups. Today is, after all, your eightieth birthday.

… bake you a batch of sesame cookies; the kind I cursed Stella D’Oro for not making anymore the year you were dying and kept asking for your favorite cookies. Continue reading

right number, wrong person …

My first blog post was about my mom on her birthday. Hard to believe that it has now been nearly ten years since she passed away and that today would’ve been her 80th birthday.

from the sticks to the bricks and back again

Today would’ve been my mother’s 78th birthday had she not lost her battle with lung cancer nearly seven and a half years ago.

It’s a day I try to observe in some way – some years I take the day off and honor my mom by spending time with my sisters and my nieces eating fried fish and spending some girl time together. Mom love fried seafood and over the years, we observed many of her birthdays at different clam shacks along the New England coast. Mom’s kitchen also was the original location for many of our family girls’ nights.

Other years, I observe her birthday in other ways. This year, the first entry in my new blog, from the sticks to the bricks and back again, is about her and I will visit her grave to pray and place flowers. I gave her lots of flowers while she was…

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 Finding My Saving Grace

In Writing 101 there were three assignments that were to be written as part of a series. It took me over a year to finish all three, each one harder for me to write than the one before it.  The first assignment was Serial Killer was about losing something and I wrote Working Through The Pain with Chocolate and Chardonnay.  The second part in the series was Serially Found which was about finding something and I wrote Not Quite Me.

This is the final part in the three installment series and it is about Lost and Found.

The first time I held your cousin Jennifer Christina in my arms. I drank in her new baby smell and cried softly in her pink sleeper. My due date was ten days prior to the day she was born.  I was supposed to be holding you in my arms, her big cousin by all of less than two weeks, when she arrived. Instead my arms were empty.

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Why Do I Relay?

Why do I relay? The answer to that question like a Facebook relationship status is complicated; complicated in that the answer is multi-faceted.

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It’s Memorial Day!

It’s Memorial Day! How did you honor our nation’s military heroes who sacrificed their lives during war?

Wait a minute.  Wasn’t that last weekend?  Didn’t we celebrate the unofficial start of summer, I mean Memorial Day, by throwing some burgers and dogs on the grill and kicking back a few cold ones?

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Happy Birthday Dad! Love, Your Favorite


Dad blowing out the candles on his 66th Birthday.

Today would have been my father’s 84th birthday had he not passed away suddenly at the age of 66 from an aneurysm in his stomach.  To say my relationship with my father was and is complicated would be an understatement.  But then again, aren’t all relationships complicated?  I think our relationship was more complicated than most because I was his favorite daughter and sometimes we disappointed each other. Continue reading

St. Patrick’s Day Delayed …

To say it has been a rough winter in the Greater Boston area would be the gross understatement of the year.  It was a winter that brought us what seemed like endless snow events as the meteorologists began calling blizzards, snow northeasters, and regular old snow storms; caused 8 or 9 days of school closings depending on the school system; countless school and business opening delays; a state of emergency or two where all non-essential vehicles were banned from our roads; the breaking of a record for the most snowfall and the delay of our local St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Continue reading