Sugar and Spice and Not So Nice




This was written in response to today’s NaBloPoMo prompt: What was the one toy that a friend had that you wished you had when you were little?



When Nan was six years old the alien arrived crashing into her otherwise perfect world.

Up until the moment her parents announced in an overly enthusiastic voice, “You are going to be a big sister; we are going to have a baby brother or sister” Nan had been the center of her parents’ universe. Their lives had revolved around her life – school, ballet and tap classes, walks to the park, trips to the toy store to buy another doll to add to her collection. That was all about to change. Something inside her told her to scream “Nooooo…” when her parents made the announcement but she kept quiet. They seemed so happy about it. Continue reading

Happy Halloween: Another Day in Paradise

ghoulsOctober is Ghouls, Goblins & Guest Bloggers month at from the sticks to the bricks and back again.  Today’s guest blogger is Michelle from the creative duo Moose and Michelle who blog over at The Lonely Tribalist.

The Lonely Tribalist as explained in their about page is “a blog run by Michelle, a 22 year old college super senior studying Applied Linguistics and looking toward a bright future of tricked out ramen dinners and taking people’s orders for coffee. By her side is her support companion, Moose, a 35 year old world-weary traveler intent on spreading the gospel of sustainability and tribalism one impromptu Starbucks conversation at a time.”

No subject is off limits at The Lonely Tribalist so please visit Michelle and Moose and their eclectic collection of posts after reading Happy Halloween: Another Day in Paradise.

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