Saturday Shares – I Raised My Voice Against Hatred

Saturday SharesSaturday Shares is a feature on from the sticks to the bricks and back again that promotes deliberate re-blogging.  What is deliberate re-blogging?  A concerted effort to re-blog the posts of other bloggers deliberately and not randomly.  I have found that I am less likely to re-blog because I might be reading someone’s post at a time that is inconvenient for me to post or comment.  By saving links throughout the week, I can schedule my re-blogs instead of randomly re-blogging five posts all at once – a practice I find annoying.

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I Raised My Voice Against Hatred.  It Was Easier Than I Thought It Would Be and It Felt Good. – By Carmelene Melanie Siani

“They have the best Greek feta cheese you can get anywhere,” my husband said, pointing to the Middle Eastern grocery store around the corner from our house where he and his late wife used to shop all the time.

“It comes from France.”

Hm. Greek feta cheese from France.  How enticing,  “I’ll check it out,” I told him.

Thus began, three years ago, my almost daily trips to that wonderful little corner of the world, the Middle Eastern market.

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Writers Quote Wednesday – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Thanks to Colleen over at Silver Threading for facilitating this weekly community event.

I was procrastinating, playing with the apps on my phone, I mean I was deciding which of the two half-completed Writers Quote Wednesday posts I should finish, when I stumbled upon a quote by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on my twitter feed and I decided I should change directions entirely. Continue reading

#FollowFriday – The Kindness Edition

As has become my Friday evening habit lately, I scour my WordPress reader looking for a blog to feature in my #FF post.

One of the first posts I read was over at A Momma’s Views; her weekly roundup of top picks for the week.  It was there that I was introduced to Kindness Blog.  I enjoyed reading The Kindness in Your SmileOn the Twenty-Fifth Day of December, and The Cards.

It occurs to me that in this last week of 2014 as we look forward to New Years and the promise of 2015 what this world needs is a whole lot more kindness.

Wishing you and yours a kinder and gentler new year.

This week’s social media finds are:


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Kindness Blog – @KindnessBlog

Kim Scaravelli  – @kimscaravelli


Sweet Little Thang – @sweetilthang

Until next Friday.