Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Maya Angelou

March is Women’s History month so I am going to focus my Writer’s Quote Wednesday quotes on women authors.  This week I visited with Maya Angelou. Continue reading

Follow Friday: The Anniversary Edition

I found this week’s #FollowFriday blog, Rebirth of Lisa, when participating in Silver Threading’s weekly community event, Writer’s Quote Wednesday.

Immediately I was drawn in by Lisa’s wit and sense of humor.  She entertains her audience in her version of the blockbuster movie, Lisa Gump – NaBloPoMo #11.

Lisa tackles some subjects that others might stay away from for fear of negative or controversial responses.  Check out Candyland – NaBloPoMo #6 or The Root of Domestic Violence? or just peruse her Life category and you will find more posts on topics others shy away from.

Lisa warns us on her About page when she states “I am open and honest and though I may offend some, my intent is only to tell my truth.”

Image Credit: Rebirth of Lisa

Tomorrow, Lisa celebrates the one year anniversary of her blog with a Blog Party and Blogiversary Challenge.  Every party has a theme and Lisa’s theme is Maya Angelou and poetry.  Drop by and participate in Lisa’s Blogiversary Party and check out the work of other guests.

Happy Anniversary, Lisa!

This week, I set a new goal of finding and following 3 – 5 blogger accounts per week on both Twitter and Pinterest.  To keep me honest and provide me with a way of tracking my progress on this goal, I am going to report my follows on my #FF post each week.

This week’s social media finds are:


  1. K.S. Fause – @ksfause
  2. Dorne Whale – @female1960
  3. Hilary – @JapanCanMix
  4. Rebirth of Lisa – @RebirthofLisa
  5. Amanda Lakey  – @uniqueartchic


  1. Crafty Spell
  2. K.S. Fause
  3. Twin Stripe
  4. Unique Art Chic

Until next Friday.