Follow Friday – Starbucks


This week’s Follow Friday post focuses on the Starbucks Red Cup controversy.  Not because I think the red cup is scandalous.   I actually enjoyed my first grande peppermint hot chocolate of the season in said red cup yesterday.   I am happy to report that I did not pull a fast one on the barista by telling her my name is Merry Christmas nor did I feel compelled to share my own story on the red cup that according to Starbucks “mimics a blank canvas” or alternately turn into the anti-Christ.  I just spent  an afternoon drinking peppermint hot chocolate out of a cup that happens to be red while using Starbucks free Wi-Fi.  My choice for this week’s #FF post stems from a post I published earlier this week, What’s a Red Cup Got To Do With It? and my curiosity to see what other bloggers had to say about the red cups. Continue reading