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Last week was an annoying week for no major reasons other than that the intrinsic failings of people and technology collided together to annoy the bejesus out of me. A perfect storm, if you will. Frustrated, I sat in front of my laptop to tackle what can be a simple task – selecting the blog or blogs I wanted to feature in my weekly (well supposed to be weekly) Follow Friday post. I intended to select a blog that featured posts on blogging tips. However, when I opened up my WordPress reader I was led to someone who speaks my language – no not Orkan or even English but sarcasm. Continue reading

My Blogging Tips

I was short a guest blogger for today, so I went to WordPress reader and typed in Social Media and Blogging and discovered Dream Big, Dream Often. In lieu of a guest blog, I am re-blogging this blogging tips post from Dream Big, Dream Often. Hope you find at least one useful tip. I did!

Dream Big, Dream Often

So many people have been emailing me about blogging tips that I thought I would put together a post with a few of my tips. I am in no way an expert on blogging, so keep that in mind as you read.  On to the tips:

  • Produce good, original content (the most important tip!).   What do people want to read?  Or better, what is your purpose for    writing?  I was talking with Amusing Myself Musings a few days ago and we were discussing this very topic: content.  Often, if you are not getting readers, revisit what you are posting.  Find a topic people will be interested in reading AND returning!  My personal favorites are those blogs that talk about a topic of which I have no experience and/or is written from a personal perspective.  One of my favorites, to give example, is Power Plant Men.  I know nothing of power plants but I find…

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How Social Media Can Work For You-Guest Blog by Cathy Lynn Brooks

First of all I would like to thank my host, Lynne for inviting me to guest blog. I’ll briefly introduce myself and then tell you how social media can really increase your visibility.  I am writing a book about my daughter, Justine’s life, living with Bipolar Disorder. She was killed in a car accident last year. I have a business and have taken several Social Media workshops and have really benefitted from them. I post all my blogs on Facebook and Twitter. I use LinkedIn and Pinterest too.

I was very slow to understand the importance of joining Social Media Networking. It became evident after I was a member, however, that it is very beneficial. When we share and support other people on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or WordPress then everyone benefits. Choose one or two that you think you can commit to on a regular basis. Engage with your audience and always acknowledge any comment by commenting too.

When you interact regularly you get to know each other personally too. New relationships grow and friendships are formed. There is an intimacy within a group and we all appreciate each other. We can count on each other to like and promote and that creates a bond.

It’s fun too! When we feel a sense of belonging and feel supported then we really enjoy engaging with the group. We want to like and comment on posts because helping others makes us feel good. There really isn’t a big time commitment but the rewards are invaluable. Watch how the laws of attraction begin to work as you start helping others.

Follow Friday: The Anniversary Edition

I found this week’s #FollowFriday blog, Rebirth of Lisa, when participating in Silver Threading’s weekly community event, Writer’s Quote Wednesday.

Immediately I was drawn in by Lisa’s wit and sense of humor.  She entertains her audience in her version of the blockbuster movie, Lisa Gump – NaBloPoMo #11.

Lisa tackles some subjects that others might stay away from for fear of negative or controversial responses.  Check out Candyland – NaBloPoMo #6 or The Root of Domestic Violence? or just peruse her Life category and you will find more posts on topics others shy away from.

Lisa warns us on her About page when she states “I am open and honest and though I may offend some, my intent is only to tell my truth.”

Image Credit: Rebirth of Lisa

Tomorrow, Lisa celebrates the one year anniversary of her blog with a Blog Party and Blogiversary Challenge.  Every party has a theme and Lisa’s theme is Maya Angelou and poetry.  Drop by and participate in Lisa’s Blogiversary Party and check out the work of other guests.

Happy Anniversary, Lisa!

This week, I set a new goal of finding and following 3 – 5 blogger accounts per week on both Twitter and Pinterest.  To keep me honest and provide me with a way of tracking my progress on this goal, I am going to report my follows on my #FF post each week.

This week’s social media finds are:


  1. K.S. Fause – @ksfause
  2. Dorne Whale – @female1960
  3. Hilary – @JapanCanMix
  4. Rebirth of Lisa – @RebirthofLisa
  5. Amanda Lakey  – @uniqueartchic


  1. Crafty Spell
  2. K.S. Fause
  3. Twin Stripe
  4. Unique Art Chic

Until next Friday.