Thankful Thursday

Several Thursdays ago, I was too busy to respond to a challenge from Iyanla Vanzant that a friend posted on Facebook. Ms. Vanzant challenged her twitter and Facebook followers to come up with 101 things that they are grateful for in 90 minutes and tweet or post them. I would’ve found it hard to express that much gratitude in 140 characters or less on my twitter account.

Since I believe that for gratitude to be sincere it cannot be overly excessive, I have stopped at roughly 25 random thoughts of things, people and places that I am grateful for in my life.  So here is my attempt at a gratitude list, posted on what social media types have labeled Thankful Thursday.

I am grateful:

  • that my parents raised me up right with equal amounts of love and discipline.
  • that it is Octember and the Red Sox are still playing baseball.
  • for my three sisters, though we may argue, fuss and fight at the end of the day we always have each other’s backs.
  • for my curly hair.
  • for my brat pack, my five youngest nieces, who bring laughter and joy into our family.  They get very upset by the nickname, brat pack, “We’re not brats, auntie,” they protest, which just makes me laugh louder.
  • I have known the love of a good man.
  • for walks on the beach.
  • that my mom instilled in me a strong belief that I can handle anything that life sends my way. God will not give you more than you can handle was one of her mantras.
  • for the love and friendship of my sister-friends.
  • that the Red Sox have a healthy chance of going all the way this year.
  • for my blue eyes.
  • that I believe in an on time God.
  • that I wear my heart on my sleeve.
  • for my nephews, even when they are challenging.
  • for the first snowfall of the year.
  • for my relatively good health.
  • that I have learned to be thankful for what it is, because it could be a whole lot worse.
  • that one of my best friends double dared me to get off my duff and start writing by blogging.
  • that she sees something in my writing that I am often blinded from seeing.
  • that my sisters and I weren’t raised to believe that girls can’t _____.
  • that I live in New England and enjoy real change of seasons (although I do wish summer was longer)!
  • for my belief that summer is more than a season that it is a state of mind and in my mind it generally corresponds with the cracking of bats at Fenway Park from April until September/October.
  • that Amtrak runs from Boston to Maine, a service I should use more often to visit friends and family in the state that boasts it’s the way life should be.
  • for the feel of warm rain on my face.
  • for the magic of Christmas.
  • that New Year’s offers each and every one of us a clean slate and a chance to start over again.
  • for the vibrant colors of leaves in Octember.
  • for the sound of the ocean in sea shells and the feelings and memories that sound can evoke in me.