Saturday Suppers: Delayed Thanksgiving Edition

The Tuesday after Thanksgiving, a bathroom remodel project was started in my house.  Between the trips to hardware store after hardware store and the technology issues I’ve been experiencing, I have not had time to finish posts that I’ve been working on.  So here we are just over two weeks after Thanksgiving and I am posting two posts I thought would be posted each of the Saturdays immediately following Thanksgiving.  What is that Steinbeck said about the best-laid plans of mice and men?

After spending Thanksgiving Day with two of my sisters, I also cooked a smaller turkey at home on the Monday after Thanksgiving (work on bathroom renovations interfered with my turkey being cooked over the weekend) and my mother’s to die for sausage stuffing.

Mom’s stuffing was so good as girls, my sisters and I would fight over the last serving in the dish even though Mom made sure there was an ample potful on the stove. Now we fight over who can make Mom’s stuffing the best; until this year I encouraged the battle by telling my sisters that I wasn’t sure which one of them made it as good as Mom. I needed to taste each of them side by side in order to make that determination. As the official taste tester, the two that live closest to me send me containers of their stuffing for me to evaluate. Since most years we go to my other half’s family dinner on Thanksgiving, I developed a healthy competition between my sisters that provided me with containers of Mom’s stuffing to enjoy when we returned home. If you have competitive siblings, this tactic also works for pumpkin pie.

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