I Struggle to Breathe


This was written in response to Writing 101, Day 3: One-word inspiration.  I started out with one word in mind; then two.  But, I now see that the word prompts are interrelated and this could be about any one of the words.

I Struggle to Breathe

Sadness envelops my body; like your arms and legs once circled me.

Yesterday, we were one; today, you callously dismiss me as if we never existed.

You talk about cleaning your stuff out of the home we once shared as though it is spring cleaning.

You tell me what you want to keep and what you want to toss; acting as if this is temporary.

You appear to stop short of telling me that you’ve decided to toss me, us into the contractor’s bags you’ve asked me to purchase.

I reply that you are confusing me with your mixed messages; one day hot and one day not.

Decades of a life we dreamed of and shared dismissed with four words, “I’ve changed my mind.”

You offer as though it is a privilege that I can start cleaning out your man cave.

The heaviness of my pain and sorrow crush my chest; I struggle to breathe.

Slowly we no longer exist.

I want to scream get your own damn trash bags, I’m done cleaning up your mess.

Your words crushing me, I struggle to breathe and reply “I’ve changed my mind.”


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