A weekly Friday feature where I highlight other blogs I think are worth checking out.

Based on the Twitter trend, where there are no rules regarding #FF tweets just common practices.  My common practices will be to feature between one – three blogs I enjoy and to  either like or reblog or both  the #FF post.

My inaugural #Follow Friday post can be found here.

Until next Friday.
Image courtesy of gratisography and edited with PicMonkey.

5 thoughts on “#FollowFriday

  1. Cool idea. I did the Sunday Blogging 101 challenge and reached out and reconnected to five blogs I hadn’t visited for some time. By doing so I discovered I had missed a lot. I will try to do this every Sunday until I’m caught up.

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    1. Thanks for stopping by. It is difficult to touch base with all the blogs we follow and those that comment, like or follow us. I recently saw a post by someone who divides the blogs into A, B, C ratings. The A blogs visit his blog often and therefore they are on his must list of blogs to visit.


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