If you and I were having coffee right now …

This was written in response to Writing 101, Day 10: Update your readers over a cup of coffee.

coffee shareIf you and I were having coffee right now … I would ask you how you were and how your work week was.  I would ask you if you had done anything special this weekend besides having coffee with me.

If you and I were having coffee right now … I would tell you how stressed out I had been lately from being pulled in different directions.  We would laugh at how I was the busiest unemployed person ever.  I would quip about not knowing how I would handle all that was on my plate if I was working.

If you and I were having coffee right now …I would tell you about the Writing 101 & Blogging 201 workshops I have been taking through WordPress’s Blogging University.  I would lament that the workshops would be ending soon and tell you how I enjoyed taking the classes because of my interactions with other bloggers.  WordPress workshops are like an energy shot in the blog and provide me with motivation and a renewed focus for my writing and blog.

el tallerIf you and I were having coffee right now … I would thank you for joining me at one of my favorite local coffee shops, El Taller.  I would tell you how grateful I was to be able to enjoy a late weekend breakfast torta with avocado and tostones.

If you and I were having coffee right now … I  would tell you how as part of Blogging 201’s audit assignment, I accidentally changed my theme and when I restored my blog theme back to Reddle I lost my original font.  And every time I work on my blog, I am annoyed by the font and how it has changed some of my formatting particularly text wrapping around pictures.  We would stop and change the font, it would be an improvement and I would add correct the fonts on my blog to my to-do list.

If you and I were having coffee right now … I would tell you how I attended my first Budget Buddies session at my local YWCA on Tuesday.  Budget Buddies is a mentoring program that pairs up women such as myself who are volunteering as financial coaches with low income women (to a large degree young mothers) living in transitional houses and shelters.  The pair attend workshops together on financial management basics and work together in setting SMART financial goals.  I haven’t met my buddy yet but am excited to find a volunteer opportunity where I will meet other women committed to volunteerism in my community while using my mentoring and financial geek skills.

If you and I were having coffee right now … I would tell you how on my Facebook feed I saw a post that ended in “Because you make time for what is important.”  I thought about those words and whether what I spend and commit my time to are what I find important.  I could argue that this is not always true – hours lost to Candy Crush Saga.  And then counter with down time spent relaxing is important.  I would share that over the last few weeks the majority of my time had been spent on my other half, family and friends, writing and blogging, my home, job searching.  All of those areas are important.  I task myself with digging deeper and looking at what occupies my time and deciding how or if these things are really important to me.  And, am I not focusing time on other matters of importance?  Something tells me we will be talking about this again.

If you and I were having coffee right now … I would tell you about the 16 to ’16 Challenge being hosted by fellow blogger Kimberly Bradley of The Narrow Lens.  Kimberly heard on The Today Show last week that there are only 16 weeks left before 2016 will be upon us. I know, yikes right.  That was Kimberly’s reaction.  The theme for week one of the challenge is Physical – Get Moving.  I have decided to participate in the challenge by moving my Wii Fit Plus and Wii to a room where I can actually use them and testing the used treadmill I was given on my porch to make sure it still works (and if it does move some furniture around and find it a home where I can use it).  I’d also like to see if I can manage to purchase a FitBit so I can keep track of my steps and start moving.  And speaking of moving, I’ve got to get going.  It was nice spending some time with you.  Before you leave, please tell me in the comments what you would share with me  …

If you and I were having coffee right now …





5 thoughts on “If you and I were having coffee right now …

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I noticed you do the Weekend Coffee Share on a regular/weekly basis. I’m debating starting to do the same. Wondering the pros and cons? I tried putting a poll for feedback on whether I should write the coffee post weekly, monthly etc. and I couldn’t get the poll to insert. Would love your thoughts.

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      1. I enjoy writing a kind of round-up post and what I like about WCS is there is a link party attached. Your blog post will get seen by others that may not be following you. The weekly post seems to draw a lot of interest. I definitely enjoyed yours!

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  1. Thinking that I’d probably convince you to have a cannoli to go along with that coffee and that three hours later we’d have bounced around so many ideas about what to write next that your head would be spinning! You’re doing great, keep going!


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