The Day After Follow Friday – Canadian Thanksgiving


Throughout October, Follow Friday posts will focus on blogs posting about things that are well October related.  The last two weeks the focus was horror and Halloween; this week it is Canadian Thanksgiving.As many of you may know, I suffer from Canadian Thanksgiving envy.  Since this past Monday, my neighbors to the North celebrated Thanksgiving I thought that it seems appropriate to focus on Canadian Thanksgiving for an October based theme.  I selected three blogs to feature in this week’s #FF post.


My Texas Life

Post I Commented On:

Thanksgiving in October

My Comment:

It sounds like a lovely way to spend Thanksgiving weekend.  I am jealous that you get two Thanksgivings.  I wish I had thought of marrying a Canadian and received the added benefit of Thanksgiving times two.  Then I wouldn’t have to suffer through October with a case of Thanksgiving envy.

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Braman’s Wanderings

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Canadian Thanksgiving Feast

My Comment:

I love your pictures of Canadian Thanksgiving.  I want the scalloped potatoes (and that great pottery) … looks so yummy.  The picture of the pies make me wonder if I can wait until American Thanksgiving for some pumpkin pie and whipped cream. Look forward to reading more of your posts.

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ECU Rosie

Post I Commented On:

Give Thanks

My Comment:

I love your post.  It is easier to complain than be grateful but in the long run it takes more energy to be negative.  Your post is a wonderful reminder to express gratitude even when not celebrating Thanksgiving.  Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving.

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Hope you enjoy visiting these bloggers and their posts on Canadian Thanksgiving.

Until next Friday.

Image courtesy of gratisography and edited with PicMonkey.


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